How To Import Tire Valve From China

How To Import Tire Valve From China

import tire valves china

Importing wheel accessories from China is easy if you follow the proper steps. It starts from the basics of knowing what you want to import – in this case, a tire valve stem to the complexity of the paper works involved. China is an excellent source of all kinds of tire parts. You can run into a significant risk, losing much money if you don’t follow the right channel. Here are processes for you to follow to import tire valves.

Prepare necessary process before importing

Register your company and open a bank account

Before you import, make sure everything you will need from your end is ready. It starts from company registration and has opened a bank account. When you have set everything, you are then almost good to go. 

Know your local tire valve market

Find the markets around you dealing in tire valve stems. At the market, you will find good first-hand information about the products you prefer. You will find out the price, sound sources, limitations, challenges, and more. You might even find reliable help there. 

Know your country’s rules and laws

Remember, your country has rules and regulations that guard imports, especially concerning China. Browse the official website of your country’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Trade, or Customs. Furthermore, you can even call them for further consultation. On the tire valve, there is one thing you must know, which is the HS code. In China, the HS code is 8481300000, You can find it:; In the USA, the code is 848130, you can check here: Customs tariff and VAT are there to consider. Learn when you are to pay and how you are to go by the payment. Be familiar with the rules.

Prepare the documents needed for import from China

Prepare all required documents for importation. Paperwork will be easy when you have it prepared already. Don’t wait to agree on terms and before you start preparing the paperwork. 

Importation will be easier when you’ve prepared from your side.

Find reliable suppliers

Reliable suppliers are not easy to get, but there are many ways of finding them. You can find them through:

Attending trade fairs and exhibitions 

There are many trade fairs organized around the world. There is Automechanika Shanghai, Automechanika Frankfurt, Automechanika Dubai, MIMS Automechanika, and more. With the Automechanika taking place every two years, you might not want to wait a year to attend a show. 

Other automobile trade fairs occur yearly, such as the AAPEX, the Ture Cologne, and the Feria Autopartes, which you can attend. 

You get to observe and examine the tire valves first hand. Also talking with the suppliers about the items you interest in, even negotiate the price and place your order.

Find suppliers on Google

Finding suppliers on Google is another good way. When searching online, use specific keywords such as “tire valve stem suppliers from China.” You may find the correct ones. Usually, the name should indicate, but you might need to dig deeper for the difference. 

You can trust the suppliers on the Google homepage because Google’s ranking rules cut the false guys and ensure only show the reliable ones (AD is not in this range). Most of them were in this area for years.

Find suppliers on social media

Chinese suppliers have both business websites, and social media presence and social channels are sources of getting reliable suppliers. There is Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter available for that. You can get directed to their website on social media and find information from others who have used the supplier before. 

Avoid B2B platforms

Except you want to buy from a retailer, which is not what you want, stay away from B2B platforms. B2B platforms include Amazon, Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global resources. B2B will involve the paperwork you will end up with when transacting with the actual manufacturer and at a price. More importantly, if you are importing tire valve stem to a specific technical requirement, you should only contact a manufacturer. 

Verify your supplier

After you have gotten a good supplier, verification is in order. Consider the following in verifying your supplier.

Check your supplier’s background

What you are looking for includes corporate record verification and criminal convictions. Find out potential business risks. Call the number on the address book; the number must match the manufacturer’s locality—access for legitimacy and capability. Check certifications. Be sure of whom you are dealing with. 

Check the supplier’s website

The supplier’s website should be a catalog of their products as well as some manufacturing process pictures. Your manufacturer’s contact should also be there. It would help if you read reviews available there, not just the good ones but the bad ones also. You might find a form to fill on the website too.

Contact suppliers

When you are certified that your supplier is authentic, it is time to contact them. Get on with the salesperson. Inform them of your intention to buy, how much quantity you want, the specification, get a quote. 

Request samples for confirmation

After you get a reasonable quote, you’d better check the samples before order. If they don’t send any samples, then it’s time to look for another supplier. When you receive the model, check it out thoroughly. Ensure it is of good quality and meets the required standards and specifications, such as the TUV standard and your taste. 

Try to visit your suppliers

Typically, you are to send in your final order once you are satisfied with the samples sent, but the world is unsafe. To avoid being cheated by phony people fronting as suppliers, it is best to do the leg work of finding the suppliers. Visit them. It has saved many people from scams, and it will keep you too. 

Contracting your suppliers

We have lots of important things need to confirm before sign your name.

Confirm price

After you complete all necessary verification and like what you see, go ahead and confirm transaction details with your supplier. Payment structure should also be considered and agreed upon it.

Define product quality standard

With the price agreed and the sample checked beforehand, it is time to tell your manufacturer the standard you want. Clarify and double-check what you want. Have an agreement on that before you move on. 

Confirm business term

The business term is the next. It involves both the buyer and the seller agreeing on some terms such as the EXW, especially for your sample, to know if you cover the transport cost. Liability for damage should make you decide on the FOB, especially for the main shipment. Look into the incoterms and choose the best for yourself. Be sure you agree on everything. 

Clarify payment methods

Payment methods usually include wire transfers, credit cards, or telegraphic transfers, or even LC. Agree on which mode of payment is feasible for both of you. Agree on the risks of whatever method of payment you are using. Make sure all documents are correct in both language and phrasing. 

Confirm delivery date

The delivery date should not be far off from the day of payment except when manufacturing to your standard. Your supplier should give you a feasible delivery date. The delivery date should contain other terms and conditions. Delivery might take up to 3 months; shipping via the ocean is slow, consider it.

Clarify warranty terms

It is very vital to clarify the warranty terms. Warranty dates should be clear. However, you should both agree on what the warranty covers, not just in terms of duration.


The delivery of your cargo should be straightforward according to the terms agreed. Discuss the logistics. Find a good freight forwarder partner. Track your shipment, and prepare for its arrival. Be sure you have all the necessary documents ready.

Bottom line

Importing from China is not hard. Follow the upside processes, avoid the potential risks. Don’t look for the lowest price, and it is a red flag. Always remember that you get what you pay for.

I hope you all can find suitable valve suppliers and work with them last longer. Have a great import.

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