Combining safety and reliability with AMO Valves

AMO designs and manufactures the safest & reliable valves for your vehicles

How We Manufacture

AMO factory employs around 50 talents in the tire valve industry to manufacture the safest & reliable valves with SOP


Drill Thead

Rubber Vulcanize

Quality Control In Every Aspect & Every Step

Inspection and measurement disciplines are embedding throughout our processes

Pre Production
Raw Material Inspection
Packing Material Inspection
Machine Inspection
Mould Inspection

During Production
Pull force testing
Viscosity testing
100% Air-tightness testing

Final Production
Finished Product Sample Testing
Package Testing

Why Work With AMO

100% OEM service, from material to product design to packaging, you can have all the possibilities with AMO

Experienced Sales

Expect our professional sales to help you understand your needs and recommend the best products possible to your business

Well Trained Workers

Every worker at AMO Factory are well trained to push your project to succeed as expected


Advance Equipments

AMO Factory bring in advance equipments, including production machines and inspection equipment to assure the quality


Our service starts at as few as 100 pcs to fit your needs

Efficient Communication

All of your inquiries will be answered within 12 hours, be it before-sales or after-sales

Fast Delivery

Your order can be expected to fulfil in 7~30 days on average

What Our Customer Says

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AMO specialist will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”


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