Quality Control

Inspection and measurement disciplines are embedded throughout our processes

We create a detailed valve inspection report based on the specific requirements—the best overall valve achievement, carefully combining the appearance, technology, and budget. Reliability and durability are our goals.

Being part of the process from beginning to end is very fulfilling and makes quality control exciting and meaningful. The AMO, a valve manufacturer, based in China, practices a quality management framework concentrated on overall product quality control, including valves, valve cores, valve repair tools. It is an advanced management approach that works across a company, involving all departments and workers and extending to include valve manufacturers and customers. This is why the development of our valve includes the material resources and fundamental equipment and the control of experimental processes and documentation to accomplish your requirements.

From material sourcing to final outgoing inspection, quality control is carefully monitored. At the AMO facility, an in-process checkup is an overall effort performed at each stage of valve manufacturing. A well-equipped workshop in China is here for conducting special tests according to international standards or specifications. Thereby, a high level of customer satisfaction cannot only be achieved but also be extended. There are 3 stages in the AMO quality control system


Incoming Inspection

Raw material specifications and inspection programs with precisely defined parameters and approved criteria are the golden rule for all brass & rubber raw materials going as valve components.
The main checking methods are shown as below:

Process Quality Control

Process quality control is carried out with all major machines by employing control documentation exercised at every process. The regular inspection practices are shown as below:


Finished Valve Testing

Valves are subjected to final tests for verifying compliance with international TUV standards and customer’s specific requirements. Customers will have our test certificates for reassuring them of the product quality.

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